WorkSafe Victoria

You're at work and you get up to grab a coffee, but as you walk into the kitchen, you slip and break your wrist on the way down. What happens next?

In Victoria, employees are able to claim compensation for accidents that happen in the workplace. WorkSafe Victoria are the health and safety regulator and the manager of Victoria’s workers compensation scheme.

Up until recently, making a claim for something like this has all happened offline. Picture countless phone-calls, paperwork and back-and-forth conversations to get a result.

This whole process is going is being put online (people call is a 'digital transformation' but that sounds gross). I'm currently sitting on the WorkSafe side, working with some big consultancies as the UX manager, making sure that we are:

a) building the right things
b) building the things right

The project is making me think a lot about digital products and services being a public good.