TikTok is the new Search

February 27, 2021

Last night we were at a fancy wine bar with some friends who are in their 20's. Even they think they're too old for TikTok.

But one of our friends admitted to becoming hooked by it lately, "the 'For You' has be dialed!" 

A use case came up which I hadn't thought about before but makes a lot of sense. Someone described their friend wanting to plan a high-tea party in Melbourne and their friend suggested they search TikTok for quick overviews of the best places to go.

Smart. You can use google for this, search high-tea, see the top results and the browse their website/Instagram to get a feel for the place. Or you can bash it into TikTok and was a quick 15 sec video with the highlights which is arguably a higher bandwidth experience. The curation is done for you.

I suspect it's not what the TikTok creators had in mind when they built the product, but it's good use case anyway.

It reminded me that years ago I built a prototype of something similar. I hated resumes and traditional portfolios as a tool to understand someones work history and who they are, so I tired out the idea of making a 1 or 2 second .gif that give you a snapshot of a person's working life.

Here is mine. I still like it as a concept. Might be something for LI to try.