Spotify UI

March 16, 2021

Spotify recently made an update to the podcast screen in their iOS app and a few times now, I've pressed play on an episode only to realise that I'm playing a different episode, the one above the one I wanted.

People love ux rules and I'm pretty sure there is one that says something like, "things that are near each other are related". Newtons Third Law of Proximity.

In the new update, the play button has moved to the right and away from the title. The play button that is closest to the title is the one from the episode above. So when I'm scrolling quickly and want to play an episode, I sometimes make a mistake. Not a huge issue, but a similar design solution got George Bush elected!

I wonder if other people are having the same problem as me?

Left: Old interface - Right: New interface
Left: Older interface - Right: New interface