Risk vs. Reward

February 22, 2021

I've been thinking all weekend about a conversation I had over the weekend where we discussed being vaccinated against COVID-19.

One common position was that people don't want to have the vaccine unless it's to protect immediate family and/or to let them travel internationally. "I don't want to put something foreign/artificial in me unless I have to". The 'have to' part is interesting.

We discussed how that position would change if the virus was killing 1 in 2 people. But when it's 1 in 100 and you're in your thirties and healthy, the risk lowers enough that you may decide you don't want this thing in you. Plus, can't you still get the virus and be contagious even with the vaccine? This was one of the things we discussed too.

It reminds me that every decision has trade offs and we bring our own biases and knowledge to each decision. It also highlights how difficult it must be for public health comms people to do their job right now. And how important that roll is. You can find a video or podcast anywhere online to support your own view, but what is the 'right' one? What is truth!?

Happy Monday ;)