Idea: Double Tap - The Instagram Store!

February 12, 2021

Here is a fun idea I've been floating around with some friends recently.

Someone creates a store that only stocks products and brands that advertise on Instagram and don't have any other retail brick and mortar presence.

You could call it Double Tap. Split the floor into categories (sunglasses, active ware, etc.) and rotate the stock every couple of weeks.

I think it could solve a bunch of different problems for consumers and brands:

I see stuff on IG that I sometimes want, but I also often want to see it IRL. Not all products are like that, but some are more than others. There is also a product comparison problem that could be solved with retail, "how much bigger are those brands sunglasses to the others?" The store might also act as a quality filter for me. I assume most of the products on IG ads are low quality, but is that actually true?

I assume that a lot of IG brands have enough stock lying around that they could spare some units to put in a store for a few weeks. Yes, their margin would reduce, but it would be a nice way for them to try retail without having to commit to their own store, staff, fit out etc. Brands would also be able to diversify their audience too.

Maybe there isn't enough margin in all these products to make retail work? But if there was and you could get a bunch of crap in a store somewhere on the high st, I'd probably walk in.


Maybe that should be called 'Tap Twice' instead ;)