GPT for DJ Sets

June 18, 2021

Last night I started wondering how long it will be before someone like OpenAI do a collab with Boiler Room and perform a DJ set that is entirely composed in real time by something similar to GPT3.

You could train it by getting it to watch all the back catalogues of sets on Youtube and then give it access to a whole library of MP3's. Maybe you could spin Shazam in there too. It could also be possible to capture real time feedback from the audience with microphones and cameras to capture cheering and hands in the air.

Mixing tracks is probably something that is considered an art form at the moment. Spotify can 'mix' songs into each other, but it can't play a set like Honey Djion can. But it's all inputs and outputs and with enough information, surely it will happen whether we want it to or not.

When it happens, I'll be on the dance floor.