Covid diary entry

July 19, 2021

It's Monday morning mid-July, 2021.

Last night I was texting with a friend in the UK and I wanted to jot down a record of what's happening around the world and how I'm feeling because I reckon it will be fascinating to re-read in a few years.

So, we're about 1.5 years into this thing. Victoria is in its 5th lockdown. I'm in Falls Creek and the place is empty. Lifts are shut and we're hiking the hill to try and get some runs in.

Sydney is finally locked down like Melbourne has been in the past. The ABC news just said that Sydney is finally shutting down construction sites too.

In the UK, it was close to 30 degrees this weekend and my Instagram stories are full of people outside in the sun without masks enjoying themselves. It's a similar story in America. The UK has also decided that all restrictions are being lifted Monday (tomorrow) their time. All the meme's want to know "what time the pandemic finishes".

The UK, USA and Asia are all reporting big increases in case numbers and deaths even though a lot of people have been vaccinated.

Lewis Hamilton won the British GP yesterday and the Olympics are...happening in Tokyo at the end of the week.

I guess the overwhelming feeling is that people have had enough. A year of lockdowns and restrictions seemed to be something we could deal with, but now, here and o/s, you just get the feeling that everyone is ready to get back to pre-pandemic life, virus or not.

I want to try and make a prediction about what is going happen next but I have absolutely no idea. And that is the tiring thing. The constant not knowing. Not being able to plan anything. Then thinking you can so you try and then whatever you planned gets cancelled. And it seems to be breaking people.

The 1918 pandemic lasted 1 - 2 years. Maybe this will be similar and maybe 2022 is a horizon to look at.

It just feels like the end isn't in sight so what do you do when you don't know when something is going to end? I guess we are going to find out.