1. Hello

    My name is Nick Hallam. I’m a product designer and strategist from Melbourne, Australia, currently living in Brooklyn, NY
  2. Personal Work

    From 2009 – 2019 I founded four businesses which taught me almost everything I know. I've written obituaries for them here
  3. Client Work
    Between my own work, I've  taken various roles helping companies bring their ideas to life which I've loved
  4. Blog

    To make sense of things I write a blog. I don’t know if anyone reads it, but that’s not the point
  5. Newsletter
    Since 2015, I've been sending out a newsletter to two hundred people about design, technology and culture
  6. Strong Opinions

    I feel strongly about a few things, but am always open to having my mind changed. What am I wrong about?
  7. Contact
    I'd love to chat so please send me an email or follow along
  8. Bonus
    When I'm not designing I do a few other things to keep me sane