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User Interface Lessons From Grill’d


It was probably because I had just walked out of an intense workshop and my brain my fried, but when the young bloke at the Grill’d counter asked me if I  wanted my burger in a Traditional or Panini bun yesterday, it took me a few more seconds to answer that usual.

The guy behind the counter gestured down at the beers, buns and dipping sauces in front of me, asking me to select a bun. I looked down, saw the buns, then read the labels beneath them and for a split second considered ordering a ‘Herbed Mayo Bun’, until I realised the labels were for the sauces beneath them.

While I paid the man, I looked down again to see what had tripped me up. It seemed to just be a user interface problem. The sauce labels were above the sauces near the bread instead of underneath the sauces. This is what confused my tired brain.

So I changed them and took a couple of photos.

After our meal I showed the team the photos and explained the user interface issue they were having. We all agreed that the subtle change I made improved the over experience of the Grill’d customer.

I was encouraged to see later that day that the other counters had been updated to reflect the new design tweak (see below).

And that’s the story of how I almost failed to order the correct bun at Grill’d because either I’m an idiot or more likely, the sauce & bread were incorrectly labelled.

* FYI I ordered the Panini. Who actually orders traditional?



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