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Tiller Onboarding Video Script: V1

We’re working on the design for the on-boarding of Tiller.

It’s difficult becasue Tiller is a new interface for time entry and our app works differently to how people understand apps to work.

We’re tried somewhat unsucseffuly to addresse this using a guided onboarding and we’re now going to try and make a short video to explain how to use Tiller and also how the app works and where it lives.

This is my first (messy) pass at a the script which we will film later today.

Update: The scribble above turned into the script below which we are going to turn into cards/video tomorrow morning for user interviews in the afternoon.


Friday Update: We didn’t end up filming and editing a video, but we did use the script above as the basis for a series of slides we made in Google Slides a few hours before we interviewed people today.

Below are those slides. They certinaly helped people understand ‘where’ Tiller  lives on your computer (the tray), but there are still issues understanding the interaction model we have created and confusion about using Tiller vesus using a mouse.

There are going to have to be more refinements over the next two weeks.

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