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Video Stores & Multi-level Car Parks

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 10.34.51 am

At the bottom of my street is an independently run convenience store. It sells various fruits, vegetables, home wares and liquor.

5 or so years ago it used to be a DVD rental store and before that a VHS rental store.

We’ve watched the space in the store dedicated to video rentals go from 100% to 90% to 80% and so on, as the owners added snacks, then drinks, then more food, adapting their business to the growing needs of their customers and the market.

It occurred to me that the changes experiences by the our local video store might similarly happen to multi-level car parks over the next 10-20 years with the introduction of driverless cars.

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 10.38.03 am

If we assume that driverless cars will become a part of daily life for most people in major cities in developed countries, we can see there will be a need for them to have a place to refuel and store them selves. It seems like a logical solution to this in dense cities would be to use existing multi-level car parks.

As VHS was replaced by DVD’s and DVD’s were replaced by digital video streaming, so might a single floor of a car park that is available to the general public today, in the future these may be replaced by driverless car spots.

The car parks might continue to be owned by private companies like Wilson (Australia), leasing individual spots or levels to either energy companies like BP or Mobil who will supply the fuel to the car manufactures, or to the car manufactures themselves who will refuel elsewhere.

Photo 24-05-2014 10 53 57 am


Designing the infrastructure to support driverless cars will be a very interesting project combining many key stakeholders from the private sector and government. Energy companies, insurance companies, storage companies, car manufactures, maintenance suppliers, roads and infrastructure. It’s game on.

Could be a good project for IDEO.


Up and Away


This morning I took delivery of a piece of tech that promises to help me ‘Know Myself’ and ‘Live Better’. The Jawbone UP – is a band that you wear around your wrist that measures things like the quality of your sleep and the number of steps you take in a day. I’ve heard mixed reviews, but I’m willing to give it a shot.

I’m the kind of guy that looks forward to the day when I can have a chip in my arm that tracks my fitness and let’s me pay for lunch without having to grab my wallet, so this is a start.

With the new addition of the UP to my life, it felt like the right time to push the ‘publish button’ on this blog. I’ve been writing for a few month’s but haven’t hit go. I just did.

I spend my time designing and making things or talking to people who design and make things. Posts will be popping up every now and then. Common post tags are likely to be: <User Interface> <Tech> <Biz> <Travel> <Ideas> <MVP> <UX> <Design>.

For those interested, the sign up process for UP was really great. I only grabbed a couple of screen shots (see below), sorry. The UI is flat-ish and nice. I’ll let you know if I find it useful.

Thanks to @smithjw for the UP. (I owe you some cash).

Up Screen