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full-office-cubicles-449-297“When did not having purpose become the norm?”

I don’t remember who said it, me or the person I was talking to, but that questions summed up a lengthy conversation last night about education, design and other things.

It’s true that it’s now the normal to go through life without purpose, without the feeling that you are working towards something worthwhile, something important to you as an individual.

When did that happen? And more importantly, why? More importantly again, how do we start to reverse it?

Early this week in a Medium post, Nick Crocker said “If you said to me, go and design a Diabetes store, I would just take you to the supermarket.”

I wonder if you someone asked you, “Can you design me an environment that reduces the chance of someone discovering purpose in their work and life”, whether you would just take them to a standard university or office suite.

Everyone is passionate about something, everyone is capable of finding purpose in their work, but to achieve that we might need to start rethinking how, where and why we learn and work.

Deliberately designing models and systems that encourage the discovery of purpose in life and work and in everything, should surely be one of societies highest priorities.




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