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Post 9: The Overview Card


Recently I’ve been exploring some ideas around a hypothetical digital product that would give customers (focusing on designers and ‘creatives’) a way to present their professional careers online.

I’ve been using a deck of cards as the concept that is informing the overall structure off the product.

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Today I mocked up a new ‘Overview Card’; something that would give the viewer a very quick and visual snapshot of the person. What they do, where they’re based, where they have or currently work etc.

The card is very ugly, I spent most of my time on the edit/settings screen (below).

The idea here is that you enter the edit screen and use sliders to set what elements appear on your Overview Card and how important (large) they are/will appear. This is something that is could and should be super dynamic and would change often over someones career.

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(This is the 9th post in a series as I explore some digital product ideas for 30 days. All my work is being published here on my blog. Click here to read the other posts, scroll down.)

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