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Post 8: Quick & Easy Saving

Do you use Instapaper or Pocket? I’ve got both, save shitloads of articles, and never read them.

Not being a heavy Pinterest user, I’m not sure if the same behaviour is happening over there or if Pinterest’s customers are actually going back to look through their boards.

I think the design of the ‘pinning’ function in the Pinterest iOS app is really great and I’m wondering if that’s something I would like to do with peoples profiles?

Already I find myself categorising people into lists/buckets in my professional circles. If it was as easy to save someone into a list as it was to pin something on Pinterest, maybe I would do it – and check the lists later.




(This is the 8th post in a series as I explore some digital product ideas for 30 days. All my work is being published here on my blog. Click here to read the other posts, scroll down.)

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