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Post 5: Graphic Design Resume Survey

Last week I asked for some examples of resumes from graphic designers. I was interested to see how people were categorising and presenting their professional lives, what information did they include and what did the exclude, what was the average number of pages etc.?

My thinking here is that my findings could act as a guide for what ‘cards’ to include in someones professional ‘deck’ (see Post 3).

Below is a screen shot of the spreadsheet I created with the results.

Graphic Design Resumes

I looked at 6 surveys from male and female graphic designers from Australia and America. NB: Green indicates that the section was included in the resume. Red indicates it was excluded and the text is how the person labeled that section in their resume.

Some Key Points

  •  For me, the most simple and easy to read were only 1 page in length. Anything over started to get a bit complex. The average number of pages was 1.8. 
  • There were common categories with only 2 of the 8 appearing on all 6 resumes. (They were ‘Design Experience’ & ‘Education’. 
  • The 9 most common categories were:
  1. Bio/About
  2. Design Experience
  3. Education
  4. Technical Skills
  5. Events Attended
  6. Referees
  7. Interests
  8. Exhibitions / Awards
  9. Other

I’ve found this information really interesting. It gives me a basis for the potential architecture of the product (if it continues in this direction).

It’s possible that all new users of the product would have these 9 ‘cards’ available to them for free.

One thing to keep in mind is that a resume from a designer would almost always come with a folio, so it’s reasonable to assume that there would need to be ‘folio card’ in there too.

I’d love to increase the sample size, so if you’re happy for me to read your resume, please email me:

(I’m currently spending 30 days exploring some digital product ideas. All my work is being published here on my blog. Click here to read the other posts, scroll down.)


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