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Post 39: Reduction

Talking to a few friends and product people in the Bay Area over the last week, a common theme has come up. We keep talking about ‘improving the professional story telling experience.’

How would we make it more engaging for the content consumer and how can we make the creation process more interesting?

Last week after I caught up with some folks in NY, I created a .gif of my career. It isn’t something that I can see being a finished product, but everyone who has seen it has thought it is interesting.

Over the weekend I experimented with reducing the design to its most basic elements and keeping it within one screen.

CD_MVP_V5The objective really is to make the whole story telling experience more human. Both of these design variations communicate the same thing, but one chunks the information, the other presents it in one sentence.

There is an animation below of how I think you’d dive deeper into the second design to find out more about the person.

Like the .gif I mentioned above, I don’t think this is a solution, but it’s an interesting idea – ‘tell your story in 200 characters on one screen’. I like the restrictions.




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