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Post 38: A different approach

Last night I felt like I’d been spending too much time on one solution to the problem of mobile professional story telling (a vertical list of ’tiles’ that visually represent your story).

Do people really want to scroll up and down a profile? Do we have the time? Is there a quicker way? Is speed actually a consideration or not?

These are all fair and relevant questions.

With these in mind I used the tiles from my own profile to create an animated .gif of my own professional story, from roughly 2009 – today. It’s a bit messy, but you will get the idea. There are 65 frames in my story and it is broken down into 6 sections representing each major professional commitment in my life:

  1. Personal slides about me
  2. Positive Posters
  3. Sex, Drugs & Helvetica
  4. The Loop
  5. IDEO
  6. Career Deck

The end result is below at 2 different frame rates (0.1, 0.2 seconds).

It’s certainly a different way of looking at things. Not sure if its better or worse.

*These are both videos of my laptop screen. The files were each 6mb+ as .gif. Need to look into reducing file size without reducing quality of image.

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