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Post 36: Learning From Launching

We’ve been working on an idea for an application that could help people tell their professional stories on mobiles devices in a more human and engaging way.

We actually launched the app a bit over a week ago, but we’ve been too busy testing and reporting bugs to do a blog post.

Our attitude to this product has been one of ‘launch and let customers tell us how they want to use the app.’

Today we have enough people signed up to start seeing some ways we might be able to improve the product.



The image on above to the left shows how the app currently looks. One of the requirements when you create an account is to list your ‘Position‘ and ‘Employer‘.

Our assumption was that our target market would have trouble with this because a lot of them are involved in multiple projects or work/freelance for themselves. We think we’re right about that assumption.

Today there are 30 accounts on that app, 12 of which look like Anna’s above. Notice how her position is ‘Designer’ at ‘Freelance…’. Then she mentions that she is a freelance designer again in her bio.

It’s messy and confusing.

Our of aims with the product is to make finding people, and learning about their professional lives a more human experience.

So I proposed the solution you see in the right image. We remove the requirement to have a ‘Position‘ at an ‘Employer‘ and let you just write your bio mentioning your position and employer if you have one. This will only work if we can build the app to recognise names of employers and job titles and then record them as tags allowing people to search for ‘all freelance designers’.

In the mock-up I’ve marked the tagged items with an underline.

We think that version give people a nicer more fluid reading experience.

Just before I save the image above, I put a line of text under the availability indicator giving more context to the sign. The more I look at it the more I like it.

And greetings from NYC. First time in The States. Here for another week and then off to SF to get some more critical feedback on the product. Follow along on Instagram.


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