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Post 30: Customer test = areas to focus on

Today I’m working on designing solutions for 3 things I didn’t think I would be working on because I showed 3 people a prototype.

I’m as guilty as anyone of sitting at my desk for too many days in a row without showing people the product because its not quiet finished. Maybe I just need another day or two to get the UI right. You don’t. You needed to show someone yesterday.

After sitting at my desk for 1 day to many, I started a interview spree last week. FYI – going to an industry drinks night is an excellent way of showing lots of people quickly. Plus once everyone has had a couple of drinks, they tend to be more honest with their feedback.

Three of the interviews uncovered three areas of the product that deserve more attention and two which are of high importance right now (2 &3).


1. Messaging System
Interviewee: Senior Comm designer, IDEO Munich
This person hires lots of freelances. He understood the product very quickly, and had lots of questions. One very interesting one was “Where do I click to message the person?” Not can I, but where is it? This was fascinating to me. The person just assumed that because this was a mobile app, there would be messaging built in. Messaging hasn’t been something we’ve thought about, but it turns out, at least to one person, it’s something they would like to use.


2. Importance of About, Experience & Work Card
Interviewee: Basically everyone
Almost 100% of people I talked to this week (10-15) tried to press the icons that indicated more information about a persons work, experience and overview as soon as they got in the app. It was always the first thing. Now making designing these parts a priority.


3. Explaining Search
Interviewee: Account/studio manager, Melbourne
A couple of people asked about how search worked, but this person in particular went into detail. We think it’s a fair to assume that if people use this product, they will want to be about to search for profiles of people they are interested in. What we haven’t thought about is how that search will work. During the tests, people have asked a lot of questions about ‘how the search is organised’, ‘can I search by profession’, ‘can I search by availability’ etc. Right now our search screen UI doesn’t give any indication of how results are organised and that’s proving to be a problem.

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