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Post 3: Rough Mock-up



This is what’s in my head, almost. At a very high level, the structure feels correct to me. It has occurred to me that I might just be creating an alternate interface for LinkedIn here… one that is more mobile friendly. I’m not sure.

There is something about “Add a new card” CTA, that feels exciting. A lot more exciting than “Add a job” on LinkedIn.

Am I ‘gamifying’ LinkedIn? (I apologise for saying the word gamify).

The text in the above image mentions that users could purchase cards for the ‘decks’ from within the app. There hasn’t been much tough go into that idea. Maybe you can have 5 portfolio cards by default but need to pay $.99 to add more.


UPDATE: I hadn’t explored what a company profile would look like or what the structure of it might be. It could be interesting to view companies employees and clients, although I think it would be unlikely that all would want to disclose this sort of information.

Really just feels like Twitter for your career at this stage :/

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