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Post 29: Designing Helpful Interfaces

Untitled-2Good interface designs should in theory help the customer complete a specific task with ease. For that to happen, the designer needs to understand what the task is the customer is trying to complete intimately, including understanding any potential potholes or things that might throw the customer off course.

Above are some screen grabs of our ‘Edit Card’ screen. This isn’t live yet, but I decided to take a stab at improving it based on my own assumptions of how a customer might move through it.


Adding & Explaining Something New

Displaying a persons work availability is something that has come up as an important feature in our user tests. It is however a new idea that if viewing for the first time, will likely not be 100% clear what it is/does.

To cater for this, I pulled the part of the form where you set your availability out of the main form and put it on its own to show that is it important/new. Beneath it there is also a short description of what this actually does/means.

There’s no data yet on how this design preforms, but I’ll follow up down the track when we find out.





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