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Post 28: Doing more with less


Over the past few weeks, I’ve built 5 or more clickable prototypes showing potential various features of the product that we’re working on.

The objective here was to learn as much as possible about the features and ideas people liked, loved, found confusing, hated etc. However, we are a two person team with very limited resources, time and money.

I can’t code. Tony can, but he works full time and maintenance on his new iPhone app takes priority. So development is slow.


Work on what you can do today

There is that saying that you’re only as strong as your weakest link right?

Well Tony isn’t a weak link at all, but we can only move as fast as he can code. So then there is this question of how useful is it to spend time designing complex and detailed prototypes to get feedback about features we are months away from being able to build.

Yes – there is value in the learnings, but what is arguably more important is designing and testing for what we actually have now and can build soon.


Moral & Momentum

Last night I took screen shots of our current live app (.gif above) and threw a quick UI over the top. Using Flinto, I linked all the .pngs together to show Tony how our current product could look. It took me less than 90mins.

One of the biggest and most unexpected benefits from doing this is that we both felt energised and driven to hit it hard because all of a sudden our goal was far closer than we thought.


Do more with less

We’ve set a deadline for the end of May to have a working version in the market, or at least something we can show investors and something customers can sign up to. With Tony’s limited time and my work, we had to cut and chop features we’d love to build and settle on the key things that we will make the product valuable.

This is good. Actually its great.

It’s product triage.

If you could only save 2 or 3 of your products features, what would they be?

They are the things you should build first and get right. Everything else can wait.


Install the latests prototype on your iPhone here:



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