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Post 25: Evidence

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What evidence do you have that people want to use what you’re making? A lot, a little, none?

It isn’t always the case, but if you’re working on a new business idea or designing a new product, sometimes there can be evidence in the market from your customers that supports the need for a new solution.

This isn’t always true though. You know the saying, “That don’t know the don’t know.” People didn’t know they wanted Twitter before Twitter was built. It’s unlikely that Jack Dorsey was getting SMS’s from friends on a daily basis saying ‘Look as my awesome breakfast.’ The founders of Twitter had to build it for people to realise they wanted it.

This morning I checked out my friend Estelle’s personal website.

In the About section she had written a short bio and then listed out the places that she had worked and courses she’d done.

This is by no means evidence that the product we are working on will work. However it is an encouraging sign that people want to show and tell their professional story online.

Our challenge is to build tools that help people do it easier and more beautifully.


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