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Post 23: Thought experiments in product design



How do you define Professional Value? Should it or can it be defined?

Trying to solve thought experiments like this from time-to-time can be a really useful way of dissecting your business/product.

The product I’m currently working on might help people communication their professional value, and it also might help customers make decisions about someones professional value.

Therefore it makes sense that I try to have the best understanding of what professional value actually is.

This is my second attempt at understanding it.

In a previous post I didn’t include Culture Fit, but on reflection this was a foolish omission.

Once you start to put structure around ‘loose’ concepts like professional value, you can start to reverse engineer the problem to help define features.

For example – if we decide that professional value is in-fact made up of a combination of skill, experience and culture fit, then we have a starting point for product features when we ask the question: “How do we help people communicate their professional value?”

Instead of tackling this question from every which angle, you can attack it with a bit of a strategy.

To answer the question above, we might list each element that we think creates professional value and then list a feature(s) that might help a customer complete the take.

  1. Ability & Skill > For visual people, add portfolio upload feature;
  2. Experience > Allow people to import logos and list details of the companies they’ve worked for in the past;
  3. Culture Fit > Give people the options of adding a Spotify or Soundcloud playlist to their profile

Do you agree with the equation above?




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