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Post 21: How Motherbird might use this product

SUBTITLE: Company User Journey, Product Structure & Paid Enterprise Accounts

Writing and thinking about potential product features like the compare cards feature I wrote about yesterday has forced me to consider how this product actually fits into the daily lives of the customers.

Do individuals check it daily, weekly, monthly?

Do companies open it just on Fridays, or only when they’re looking for talent?

To explore it I’ve illustrated an example of what I think a user journey might be from a company/employer stand point (the top right of this quadrant).


I’m using my friends company, Motherbird, a Melbourne design studio, but I think that this user journey would apply to a lot of companies, and certainly not just in the design & creative world.

If the guys at Motherbird are anything like me, they’re constantly on the lookout for talented people to hire, even if hiring isn’t on the short term agenda.

The customer behaviour I think this product most closely mimics is that of Pinterest.

I have a Pinterest board which I update (infrequently) with images of beautiful houses that will hopefully one day serve as inspiration for when I build my own place. I add images to it today, even though I’m not building a house today.

The question I’m interested in exploring is; would companies and employers ‘Pin’ people into lists/buckets/boards for future reference for a time when they are ready to hire?

You might be out at a industry drinks night, meet a front end developer you thought was cool, but you don’t want to follow them on Twitter or Instagram, so you find them in this new network, and add them to an existing list you made called ‘Front End Developers: Melbourne’.

This way you are able to keep tabs on them and their work.

Each time they update a card in their profile, leave a job, get a new one, complete a course etc., you get notification.

It’s really an investment into your business.

Do companies really want to start from scratch each time they want to hire someone new?

In the story above I mentioned the ‘Enterprise’ version of the product. Let me explain.

We’ve been talking about creating tools to help individuals tell their professional story better – more context, more quality etc., and recently doing that all in 5 cards.

I’m sure that everyone’s career goes much deeper than 5 cards worth of information.

5 cards might be enough to get a good feel for a person and it might allow you to compare different people, but if you want their entire history, how do you do that?



One idea that’s been looked at this week is designing the product so that the details of their career, where they went to school etc., is ‘hidden underwater’ (see above).

This could be information that the user sets to private or even information that businesses need to pay to access. Not sure.

There have also been some interesting discussions about what value there would be in this network for businesses.

Finding talent is certainly one of them.

It would be interesting to find out if businesses would pay for an Enterprise version of the app that gave them the ability to follow and put people into lists privately.

App_OptionsThere could be a bunch of other features available to paying customers too. Most of it is around granting deeper access to the individuals in the network.

This could be subscription payment model?



7 Comments on "Post 21: How Motherbird might use this product"

  • Scott says

    Very interesting. We have set up a Mail Chimp mailing list just for designers who want to be kept in the loop on any job/internship openings to sign up to. As soon as we have an opening, we will send an email out to this list.

    If interested candidates could just subscribe to job alerts from studios through this, that would be even better.

    • nhallam says

      That’s really interesting mate.

      You can do that over at The Loop at the moment, but I don’t think that many people use it. (Top right ‘Email me jobs’)

      I’m not sure if it’s just me or not, but I really like the idea of following peoples careers – and following tags e.g., iOS Developers in Melbourne.

      I’d love to get notified when new people add their profiles under tags like that.

      • Scott says

        Ah yeah cool. That feature on the Loop is close to what I was thinking.

        The way something like that could maybe integrate into CD is once a junior designer gets a notification that a studio they like is hiring, they could click an ‘I’m Interested’ button and add themselves to some kind of list/bucket that only the studio could see. Kind of like an instant job application without all the BS. The studio could short list from there. It help put interested candidates in front of the studio that they may not have considered before (because they may already be employed elsewhere etc.)

        This would of course would be in addition to the tag searching etc.

        • nhallam says

          What a great idea mate. Kind of like a stealth application right?

          This app is all about simplifying the whole space.

          A simply click or tap to say “I’m interested” in a job could be a really great feature.

          I would imagine that you and Spence would have a desktop version or a paid tablet version where you could review them all – like the comparison feature I published yesterday.

          Could really change the whole finding talent game.

          • Scott says

            Definitely. I’d happily pay for a service like that when it comes to finding a new intern/junior.

          • nhallam says

            Good to know – I’ll send you my bank details #jokes.

            I’ll get in touch as soon as the product is live so you can start early testing if you’re keen?

  • Scott says

    Sounds good!

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