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Post 19: Prototype Video

One process I always find useful when building new things is trying to illustrate the journey a new customer may go through when first coming into contact with your product.

NB: This works for physical and digital products

Today I spent some time sketching out a couple of path ways in my notebook (the colour was added in Photoshop afterwards).

These sketches helped me build a clickable prototype in Balsamiq in 2 hours.



1. Exploring a possible sign up process. Decided by the end of it that forcing the customer to being building their profile straight away, without letting them experience the product first, may not be the best option.



2. The second sketch tried to resolve the problem noted above. Sign up happens, but then you are placed at the central product screen when you can play around, but are heavily promoted to begin creating your profile.



3. These sketches are more like feature explanations. One showing a button to make your cards private (something a new user might want to do). The other showing the rough workings of someone creating a new list or bucket to store people cards.



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