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Post 18: Restrictions & Simplification

Yesterday I posed the question, “How might we help people better communicate their talent and experience online?”

Overnight a couple of ideas collided and produced an interesting outcome.

When I showed James Noble from Carter Digital the product last week, he said he liked it, but it was missing something and encouraged me to make it simpler. e.g. Could a persons profile just be 3 cards?

On Sunday I watched my mates crowd around each others phones as they compared their individual profiles on Tinder (an app to help you ‘find interesting people nearby’). Tinder lets you choose 5 Facebook photos to tell your social story.

The discussion was basically, ‘what 5 photos are you using on Tinder that gets the most responses from women?’

A few of the boys have dogs, and the group decided having a dog in your set of 5 photos was advantageous to attracting women.


A potential issue with the product we’re working on is that in theory a customer could add unlimited cards to their profile and then it becomes almost as hard to look through their profile on LinkedIn.

A new question could be: if you had to tell your professional story on 5 cards could you? And what information would you include and what would you leave out?

  • You last 3 jobs?
  • Your best 2 pieces of work?
  • A video of the last film you created?
  • A quote about how you view your industry?
  • A selfie?!

Now I start wondering how much of your professional industry is relevant when doing higher level searching? Do I need to know where you went to school and your first 3 jobs to make a decision to shortlist you? Probably not.

Maybe this product’s main purpose is to just give people a place to browse other peoples professional stories, then shortlist or bucket them.

More information could be received on request?

(This is the 18th post in a series as I explore some digital product ideas. All my work is being published here on my blog. Click here to read the other posts, scroll down.)

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