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Post 17: What is professional value?

A marketplace analysis.

Yesterday I got a few emails about a product called Dropr (The easy portfolio for all creative heads). The week before I got emails about Sumry (The resume reimagined).

We started asking questions about the product we’re working on and how it compares or fits within the marketplace.

At the moment, when I describe the product, I talk about it as a ‘profession story telling’ service and later, discovery for employers.

This lead to me consider what is actually important about someones professional story? What makes you valuable a professional contributing to the economy?



Yesterday I quickly I jotted this equation down in my notebook. I’m not sure if this has much credibility. The idea is fairly simple. Someone with great ability and talent with little industry experience lacks value as does someone with years of workplace experience, but little talent.

Having both makes you valuable.

Does this apply to all industries? I’m not sure.

It does allow a nice, HMW question (How might we…) to appear.

How might we help people better communicate their talent and experience online?

So going back to the product I mentioned earlier. It may be possible to plot the services in the marketplace based on how they address the above equation.



There are 12 services that I could think of that were relevant to this diagram. A few notes:

  • LinkedIn is by far the leader in the the experience category, but they are making a move towards talent & ability by allowing customers to add things like Behance Portfolios & post original content.
  • The bottom right quadrant is very crowded with services that allow customers to share their talent and abilities.
  • The Loop, Behance and Dribbble all offer different levels of talent and experience story telling, but all 3 have a heavy focus on talent in the form of portfolio display.

None of this means that the yellow square in the top right represents any great opportunity. I may be that companies aren’t in that space for a good reason. Maybe it isn’t possible to do?

For now though, that is the space we are exploring.


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