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Post 14: AlphaApp Prototype

Early last year I hacked this product idea together in Balsamiq to show the guys I was working with.

I found myself sending and receiving screen shots and sketches of ideas via email with different people cc’d in.

This is super rough, but the basic idea is there – a place where you can share your ideas with friends and give feedback right from your smartphone.

The app was structured around creating ‘Projects’ which are either privately shared with your friends or publicly shared with the app’s community for wider feedback.

Customers upload sketches or .gif or .pngs to the app and wait for feedback.

If you’ve been following, I’ve been developing another app idea over the last month, and I can see how there are parts of this that could fit within it.


(This is the 14th post in a series as I explore some digital product ideas for 30 days. All my work is being published here on my blog. Click here to read the other posts, scroll down.)

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