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Post 11: Professional Story Telling

If you had asked me this time last week what the problem was that I am trying to solve with all this work, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you. In fact a friend did ask me last Sunday on our way from Sydney airport to breakfast. I tried to string words together for 15 mins, but it was clear I didn’t actually have a good grasp on the problem I am trying to solve.

However, on Monday night I grabbed dinner with a developer friend of mine (and ex-house mate @adeperio) and after a few beers we actually managed to begin to define the problem.

Professional story telling.

Basically, we think that what I’ve been working on is a product that helps a set of customers tell the story of their professional life in an engaging way.

Facebook allows your to tell your personal story, but where do you tell you professional one? LinkedIn? We’re not sure their solution is for everyone.

We filmed this quick video looking of Tony’s LinkedIn profile viewed on an iPhone. As you can see, it’s mainly text, and not super engaging.

Photo 24-02-2014 9 55 58 am

This was the sketch I showed Tony to try and communicate where I was heading and this lead to a discussion about story telling. We decided that story telling for your career is broken. We could be wrong.

The basic hypotheses is this: there is a group of people who want to share their professional ‘story’ online with other people, but currently they don’t have the tools to do it.

LinkedIn seems to be there only option, but as I heard this week, “I f*&ken hate LinkedIn.”

A common think I keep hearing from people in this ‘group’ is “Yeah I have LinkedIn, but I don’t know why”, or “I don’t get LinkedIn, but I feel like I should have an account right?”

Defining this group of customers is still a work in progress. I had a stab in my last post Post 10: Carlos, Kate & SebI’ll keep working on that.

Late last week I bashed this rough prototype together using It shows how adding a card to your profile might work.

It feels like some of the pieces of this puzzle are starting to come together.


(This is the 11th post in a series as I explore some digital product ideas for 30 days. All my work is being published here on my blog. Click here to read the other posts, scroll down.)

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