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Post 2: ‘Cards’ and Network Information Quality

I’m currently experimenting with the idea of using ‘cards’ as a way of building your professional profile online. Each job you’ve had, course you’ve complete etc. an another ‘card’ you can add to your ‘deck’. Over years you compile a deck of cards tells the story of you professional career.

It occurred to me that the restriction of having to add cards to your deck could also be used to improve the quality of information within a network of people.

Let me explain briefly…

On LinkedIn, currently anyone can add any job/position they like to their profile at any time without any approval process. (I added a position at Motherbird to my profile this morning in a few seconds).


While I don’t feel like this is a common thing that happens on LinkedIn (is it?!) it still leaves the network open to having a lower quality of information amongst users.

LinkedIn has a very large customer base, so  this kind of thing is very difficult to control. But could a new network could design for this problem from the beginning?

Below is a quick mockup of a process that presents a kind of solution.

Each Company in the network can and is required to create ‘Employment Cards’ that are requested by Individual which need to be released or approved by the companies admin.CD_RequestCard4

In this example, Carlos has just finished a contract at Pentagram and wishes to add this to his deck. He sends a request to Pentagram asking for them to release the ‘Freelance/Contract Card’ they’ve previously created so he can add it to his deck.


There are some big holes in this idea. Expecting each company within an industry to create a profile and then their relevant Employment Cards is a big ask.

A possible solution to this could be to allow Individuals to create their own cards and add them to their deck, but by default the card would appear as ‘pending approval’ until the employer logs in and confirms the information is correct.



This is a VERY high-touch way of going about this, and would have a real impact on the growth of a network, but it would ensure a very high quality of content. You can easily imagine a service/network like this commanding a lot of industry respect and trustworthiness.

Still not sure where this is going.

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