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A Folio Application App Idea


Have you ever tried to hire a designer or anyone who has a portfolio? Everyone I talk to who goes through this says the same thing. It’s hell. You’re going to receive 50+ applications mostly via email, with links to personal blogs, folio sites, huge multipage .pdf attachments with no consistent layout. It’s not pretty.

It feels like the kind of problem that could be solved with a really simple web app.


Last summer I spent a week mocking up something along these lines (, I’ve included some screen shots below). All I think you’d need is a web app that allows the employer to ‘create a job’, set requirements like .pdf file size, allow fields for external links like The Loop, Dribbble & Behance and then send a link out to potential job applicants to fill in.

The advantage of something like this is that all your applicants would be in one spot, shortlisting and culling would be a breeze. If more than one person is involved in the decision making (highly likely) then multiple user accounts would be a perfect way to collaborate with colleagues and share thoughts on applicants.

I feel you could charge pretty easily per job, or by number of applicants.

If there are any devs who want to build this with me over the Dec/Jan just hola. (Split it 50/50 with you).

* If this app already exists let us all know.

Bridge_3.5 Bridge_7.2 Bridge_7.13


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